But He Makes Me Happy…

He makes me happy.
That’s the most I want in a guy.

He calls me darling, dear, sweetie and sunshine.
That makes me feel all warm on the inside.

He remembers the little details.
That makes me feel appreciated.

He’s honest.
That makes me fall for him.

He’s good with kids.
That makes me smile from ear to ear.

He’s really sweet and tells me I’m perfect.
That makes me fall even deeper for him.

And then I sit here and realize:
We’ve only talked for a total of an hour tops.
We have only known each other for a little over a month.
We have had purely texting communication since mid-July.
We may not see each other in the same way once we are at college.

So what am I supposed to do? Do I continue to let him make me happy and feel good about myself? Or if I do that does that mean I’m leading him on.? Do I look forward to and plan for a possible future this fall at college with him? Or is that leading myself towards disappointment? There has never been a guy this interested in me, who wants to know how I’m doing each day and sends me cute good morning and goodnight texts and who calls me cute names and texts me first and makes me feel so good about myself. I can’t not enjoy his “company” right now but what if I don’t enjoy his actual company in Iowa? Then what am I supposed to do? Do I like the idea of him more than I like him? If so, that is in no way fair to him and I know it. Hellllp!


3 thoughts on “But He Makes Me Happy…

  1. reachinglife

    i stumbled across your blog and love it!
    but for advice, i say let him make you happy (everyone deserves to be happy) but proceed with caution..

  2. faleeshabell86

    I agree with above statement. Let him make you happy. It’s not leading him on if you guys are just beginning. It’s seeing what possibilities there are. Good luck! :)


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