Party Like It’s My Birthday!

Yup…that’s right…I am officially 19 years young! My birthday (Sunday, July 13th) was much better than years past and I’m not entirely sure why. To me, birthdays are sort of a reminder of loneliness. I know it is supposed to be the opposite: a celebration of life and family and friends and love. But for me they bring out the parts of life that aren’t really what I want to focus on: the people who don’t know it’s your birthday or don’t care, the people who forget, the lack of love in the air. That is 100% what last year was focused on. This year started out that way but definitely turned up for the better. I got texts from new friends and old friends. I felt loved by my family. I got to spend the weekend with my grandparents. I ate scrumptious food and amazingly don’t feel totally out of shape at this point so I guess I can’t complain. Did I have a party? No. Did I physically celebrate with friends? No. But I felt the love and warmth of my friends and new people that I’ve recently met and it was just overall a good day.


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