Surprise, surprise, I’m behind on my 30 day challenge. Does this surprise me at all? Nope. I suck at keeping up with this sort of stuff. So be prepared for an influx of posts…

Day 4 is your views on religion. My family raised me Christian. We went to church frequently, I went to Sunday School, did Vacation Bible School in the summers, went to a church camp, got confirmed and then stopped going to church. It isn’t that I don’t believe, it’s that I’m very poor at keeping up with things such as praying or waking up early to get to church every Sunday. I always say that I will try harder and work at it, but I never follow through after a few days (explained here) even though I know I should. I can’t recall the stories of the Bible and I barely know the meaning behind the holidays which are the few days I go to church. I hope that someday my husband will encourage me to get involved in our local church, but if that doesn’t happen I guess it won’t be the end of the world. Some people take their views on faith to the extreme (such as the guy shouting excerpts from the Bible on a downtown street corner on Thursday afternoon) and those are the people that bother me. You don’t need to push your own beliefs down someone else’s throats to get your points across. That is annoying and makes me turn my nose up to religion. But if you invite me to an event at your church or sit down with me and explain your views I won’t push them away but take time later to think on what you had to say.


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