Late Night Adventuring

Last night I received a text at 10:30pm asking me if I wanted to hang out. Of course with how boring my life usually is I said ‘yes!’ My friend and I ended up venturing out to this little marsh-like area with a gazebo in the middle to sit and look up at the stars. We haven’t hung out in months so this was the perfect way to catch up and it checked some things off of my bucket list! Including stargazing and going on a late night adventure. We covered topics from breakups to the unknowns of space to alcohol and the rebellion of teenage years and it was so ideal that I didn’t want the night to end. In my opinion everyone needs to have a little adventure in their life. Go out late at night to do the unknown. Go to a party and try a little wine or vodka. It won’t kill you if you’re smart about it and it doesn’t hurt to have fun.

Here are the blog challenges that I am choosing between and instead of having to explain them each day I decided to actually post them:


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