My Future is Unknown

College: the next 4 years of unknown looming over my head. I hate the unknown, surprises, any thing of the like. I prefer to know exactly what is going on at all times but I have no real concrete plans for the future. When people ask me what I am studying I have a definite: mathematics and dance major. When people ask me what I plan to do…that is where the question marks appear and I go blank. I am very unsure what I plan to do with math and/or dance. I would love to teach dance some day again, but I don’t know if that’s what I plan to do right out of college or wait til I’m older. I would love to perform in a smaller company in the US, but I don’t know if I’m good enough for that. I would love to use math in a fun and engaging way without becoming a math teacher (I think that would take the fun out of math…) but doing what, I have no clue! In 10 years I will be 29 years old. Doing what though?? I have no vision. I hope to have met the love of my life and be planning for the future. I hope to be in a job(s) that I enjoy and make decent money to support myself and my future family. And I hope to be living life to the fullest! I have no idea where I will be living or what I will be doing but I sure as hell hope to be loving my life and the people in it! Find me in 10 years and see if I was close to being right on Day 2 of my blogging challenge :)


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