Going Vegetarian…?

For some reason this past week I have been putting a lot of thought into becoming a vegetarian, particularly when school starts for me this fall and I am officially on my own to make my own decisions. I’m unsure if this will be the right choice though so I’m curious to hear other people’s opinions. There are many health benefits as long as you are still smart about getting all of your food groups covered over the course of a day. I am always striving to be healthier and more aware of what is going into my body and how I care for my body so why not try this and see if I can get happier and healthier…right??


3 thoughts on “Going Vegetarian…?

  1. Rachel-Elaine

    Have been vegetarian for almost a year already and I switched when I went off to college and was official on my own. Now my family understands and will accommodate me when I am home for the summer. Personally I did it for medical reasons to reduce cholesterol, which worked, and because of my heart disease. If you do it properly, there are many health benefits. Good luck!


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