Bloggers, I Have a Problem

Because I’m too embarrassed to admit it aloud I will admit it to all of you. You guys don’t judge me and if you do I don’t know and can’t see so it all works out in the end. Bloggers, I have a problem. A big problem. Like what the hell is wrong with me?? I care SO much about how I look and staying skinny and being in shape yet for some reason I have these cravings that I constantly am feeding. I want chocolate? I eat chocolate. I want ice cream? I go buy ice cream. I am so embarrassed by the number of times over the last week or so that I have stopped to get fast food, food full of sugar or greasy food late at night because it’s on my mind and I can’t get it to stop. Time and time again I tell myself that I need to stop. I need to be anorexic. I need to be thin. I need to not eat. I need to give up fatty foods. I need to give up meat. I need to give up chocolate. I need to give up sugar all around. Yet I don’t. When I weigh myself I am disappointed. I know that I shouldn’t weigh what I do. (Well I guess I should, technically weigh more or something, but I know that I don’t want to). I know that I can fix it yet I don’t and it feels like I am trapped and can’t do anything to make it better.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers, I Have a Problem

  1. mommafortner

    Can you talk to someone? A therapist? Is there a deeper issue? I would love to hear you are healthy, loving yourself and committed to taking good care of yourself. Can you take a moment to think of something you love about yourself?

  2. mommafortner

    My comments don’t seem to be posting :/ please be good to yourself and take a moment to think of something you do love about yourself. Is there someone you can talk to like a therapist?

  3. normallyright

    I’ve had issues with body image myself and eating healthy and honestly, sometimes when I feel like eating chocolate or junk food and I know I shouldn’t, I just set it on my table and stare at it. I don’t touch it or eat it or anything. I just look at it. After having my more healthy meal, I feel proud of myself for not eating the junk food.


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