Life is Hard. Simple as That.

Do you ever just not know what’s going on in your life? You’re going through the motions, happy or not, but don’t really understand the path that you’re on or what you wish to accomplish. I feel sort of lost and in the hustle and bustle of life which just keeps dragging me on towards an unknown destination where I hope to find happiness but the way it seems at this point I am unsure that that is the case. I know bits and pieces about what my future holds but it is unpromising whether or not it will be up to my standards of a successful life. I am scared, confused and a bit lost as to the things happening around me. I know that I’m unhappy with a lot, I know what some of it is but other aspects of my life I’m unsure what I’m unhappy about. I know that that makes no sense to anyone but me but it is true. There are things dragging me down but I’m not positive what all of those things are. It’s a crappy cycle to be in to be feeling down about your job, your family, your sport, your body, your friends and simply just your life. But sometimes those moments in life are what will teach you the most once you get to the other side. I’m completely unsure when I will arrive to that side, hopefully soon and hopefully by then I will be able to understand what is going on and might even have a smile on my face…let’s hope!


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