Medical Adventure of the Year

What do you know? I got to have a hospital adventure once again! Seems to always happen to me once a year. An adventure of some sort. Sometimes they last one afternoon and sometimes they span over 6 months. This year was a 4 hour trip to the ER…always fun…not!

So this past Wednesday I was feeling really crappy so stayed in bed all day and just didn’t eat or drink anything. I probably slept for 25+ hours between when I went to bed Tuesday night and when I woke up Thursday morning. I went downstairs about 8:45am on Thursday because my stomach was growling. I reached for a box of cereal and got a little dizzy. Realizing that I needed food in my belly NOW I quickly crossed the kitchen to reach for a bowl. I remember everything going hazy and black and the next thing I knew my dad was waking me up, I was looking under the kitchen cabinets on the floor and my head hurt like crazy! When my dad got down to me my eyes were open but I was completely unresponsive. Since I had epilepsy when I was in middle school my parents decided to bring me into the ER to see if they could figure out if I had a seizure or if I just fainted. Also since I clearly had hit my head they wanted to check for a concussion.

A 4 hour trip to the ER was in store for me for the afternoon. My first IV to get me fluids. My first CT scan to check for a brain bleed and a jaw fracture. A very painful shoulder x-ray. Too much blood drawn. Too many nurses and doctors to keep straight. All in all I came away with a diagnosed sinus infection (antibiotics to go with it), a bruised and uneven jawline, a shoulder sprain and a headache! Oh great fun. It was quite the adventure and one that I surely do not want to repeat in the near future.


In other news: I got asked out last Tuesday so that was a bit of a pick-me-up! But sadly we haven’t been able to yet due to my current condition and his busy work schedule. But hopefully soon :)


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