Exactly What I Needed

My mind, my body and my spirit were ready for a good weekend full of positive thoughts, actions and outcomes and I am very happy to say that that was exactly what I got! My parents went out of town to my grandparents house for Easter but I had to stay home to work. Seems crappy right? Yea, well, I made it work out just fine and had a wonderful weekend!

Friday night after dance I splurged at Target on jelly beans, cookies and ice cream. I then proceeded to stop by McDonald’s to grab some dinner, brought it home and stuffed my face while watching ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Full House.’ I figured I would regret this decision later, but truthfully I didn’t! I then talked to my family on the phone and then had a very nice conversation with my dance teacher who I miss dearly and can’t wait to see again hopefully soon!

Saturday I woke up to teach my little ballet classes which were accompanied with big smiles, big hugs and Easter gifts consisting of hand-made cards and bags of candy! From there my friend came back to my house and we spent the afternoon talking about anything and everything under the sun, eating Chipotle, and going on a few different walks outside in the beautiful weather. Sadly I had to go into work so had to leave her home alone at my house for a bit but since it wasn’t busy I didn’t have to stay long and could come back for us to watch ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, eat ice cream, and talk some more!

Sunday I got to accompany her and her mom to church (I am sad to say that it has been too long since I’ve been to church but whenever I do go I always leave feeling forgiven, loved, calm, cool and collected) which was followed by a very feasty brunch. We then went to her house to watch a movie that she always references, eat some more ice cream and go on a fun little egg hunt throughout her house! I haven’t had a traditional Easter celebration in years so to be welcomed into her home and get to experience the same things that I did as a kid filled me with a tremendous amount of joy!


I was more than ready for a fun filled weekend of smiles and happiness and am beyond blessed to be able to say that that was exactly what I felt :) “All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.” –Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Oh and on top of all of that greatness on Sunday when I was driving into my driveway after work around 10:45pm there was a little bunny in my yard and once I got out to take a closer look I saw it hopping across the street! Hoppy Easter I guess, huh?!

I hope that everyone had a spectacular day celebrating Easter if that’s what you do or else spending time with the ones you love doing what you love treating yesterday as any Sunday. I know that for me it was one I will remember and we were blessed with a beyond beautiful spring day today that I got to enjoy walking outside for 2 hours and almost 7 miles. My feet may regret that choice tomorrow but my body enjoyed the warmth of the sun and push to keep on keeping on!


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