And Then They Were Gone

2 months. That is all that is left. 8 weeks is all. Yet everything has to be thrown away? I am losing my biggest supporters, my mentors, my friends. They can no longer be in my life as much as before and it flat out sucks. My dance teachers were kind of all I had keeping me going. They were my inspirations to go from one day to the next. Daniel and Julie helped pull me out of the dark periods in my life time and time again. They helped me see life differently, gain new perspectives and try to move on. They were always there to ask how I was doing and talk when I needed someone. They knew when to back away when I wasn’t ready to discuss the issues I was facing. They just knew. And now I can’t see them everyday. I don’t like going a few days without seeing them since it’s out of the ordinary and now I can only wonder when I will see them next. I hate this and I so wish things would have worked out differently and if it was my choice they most definitely would have… :(


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