Parents are a tricky topic because everyone’s home life situation is vastly different from one another. Some people never get along with their parents. Some people get along most of the time. And some people get along with one parent but not the other (or one set of parents and not the other dependent on your personal circumstances). Parents have control over their children for good reason but some parents really struggle with finding the right time to let go.

My parents particularly seem to struggle with this concept. I am 18. I am an adult. I can make decisions on my own and start to lead my life for myself yet they continue to have to be involved in anything and everything that I do and it drives me up a wall. Staying home this year wasn’t an easy choice and it surely didn’t help any of this power struggle that occurs….it only hurt it and made it easier for them to hold on. I am sick and tired of constantly being yelled at about things that I wish to fight back but don’t have the courage to stand up for myself or explain myself. Tonight I said about 3 words after walking through the door and they were already mad at me about something or other and I’m getting tired of dealing with this. When I move out next fall things are going to change. Things will not be like my sister and their relationship because our relationships now are vastly different. My sister calls once a week and they talk for an hour or two each time. I’m sorry but it’s my life and they don’t need every detail of it. I know that they care deep down about me but when it isn’t evident on the surface then I don’t need to let them into everything. I am blessed that I do have parents that love me when I know so many are not as fortunate but there are still things that other people can’t see happening and I don’t even think that my parents realize are happening which affect me as an individual.


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