Bring On The Tears

School got cancelled today and tomorrow. Dance got cancelled Monday, today and almost definitely tomorrow as well. When I found out that we wouldn’t be having dance tomorrow (Friday) I actually started crying. Full on tears rushing down my face. I couldn’t control myself. My body heated up really quickly (so fast that I had to turn on my fan) and I just sat in my bed and cried. Maybe this makes me weak and irritable. But sometimes once you’ve been strong for too long you have to let your guard down and just let it all out. I am pissed off at life and wondering why all of this must be happening right now. Why must my life seem to be falling apart days before I leave to audition for my future? Why me? Why me alllll the fricken time? I can’t handle all of this anymore. I really really can’t. Someone come rescue me. Please. I beg of you. Anyone. Anyone at all…


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