Brr…It’s Cold Out There

Welcome to Minnesota! The Land of 10,000 Lakes! And the Land of the Coldest Temperatures! Today we are hitting record low temps. The governor closed all schools in Minnesota for the day! As of right now it is -15 degrees, but with windchill -38! So in other words it has been a very lazy but relaxing day!

Yesterday was almost unbearably cold as well so to say not much got done would be an understatement…ha! I did though, upon suggestion from my dance teacher/mentor, stop by the library for a good hour and a half to pick up some self-help books. I am really looking forward to taking the time and perspective shift to read these. They are on depression, food/eating and self confidence. I started all of them in the library to get an idea of what they were about and really dug into 2 of them last night/early this morning! I really hope that they can teach me something new and help me understand myself a little better. I am excited to read further later on tonight while all warm in my bed by candlelight and Christmas tree light :)

This morning I spent time coloring…it was a very grand time indeed! I am currently using a Hello Kitty coloring book to give as presents to the little girls who I teach ballet to week after week along with a candy cane and a smile! Then later I baked cookies with my mom and sister and while I wasn’t busy I stayed bundled up under a thousand of layers of clothes and blankets! Schools are closed again tomorrow meaning that dance is cancelled as well. I hope that tomorrow I can “force” myself to get to the athletic club to work out and work through some stuff for dance prior to classes beginning again on Wednesday. We never have much of a break so the fact that we had a week and a half off and then I couldn’t dance fully Thursday and Friday and now I haven’t danced since Saturday afternoon is sort of stressing me out. Auditions are right around the corner and I have a lot to work on!

Anyways, I hope that people who also live up North found ways to stay warm today and I am SO incredibly jealous of anyone who lives in a tropical climate. Switch for a day? Yea, thanks!! Good night everyone :)


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