Lessons Learned

Today’s Lessons:

Lesson #1: Even though your mom tells you to be honest with her…DON’T! – the one time I was today finally and she took it the wrong way and was mad at me all throughout dinner

Lesson #2: When you have even a slight runny nose DON’T go and try to work out. – I had to end my workout 13 minutes early since I started feeling sick and dizzy right off the bat. I tried to keep going but it proved harder and harder to do as I continued to feel worse and worse.

Lesson #3: If you live in the North (Minnesota for me) Do Not try and get your car washed on the day it is 40 degrees out right before the temperatures are going to start dropping drastically. Instead look at the weather and maybe do it a day earlier otherwise you will wait in a line of 15+ cars for 35 minutes just to get through a simple 5 minute car wash.

Lesson #4: Do not sit by your phone waiting for people to text you when you don’t even text that many people on a regular basis.

and lastly Lesson #5: Enjoy the short and small conversations you can have with some people because they may be few and far between…an ongoing lesson I am learning with my friend who is down in Ecuador. Yesterday I didn’t feel like talking much so didn’t engage fully in the conversation but now I know I may have to go more than a month before we converse again…



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