The Fashion Show of the Year

So tonight, December 10th, was the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This year was the first year that I actually considered sitting down in front of my tv and watching it. I hadn’t heard of it until a couple of years ago when I found out that girls had parties with their girl friends and ate ice cream and cried at the screen as these gorgeous “Angels” walked down the runway. For some reason I decided maybe watching it would motivate me to be fit and get in shape…then I thought about it more and realized that I would ultimately just end up feeling bad about myself and stuffing my face with food instead. Not exactly the best way to handle things. Watching commercials for the store Victoria’s Secret and the upcoming holiday sales makes me feel bad enough about myself so why would I choose to watch a full hour of these women in front of me? I did look online and found this wonderful blog post that you should all take the time to read because I couldn’t agree more:


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