It is amazing what objects and situations bring you back to old times and old people in your life. There are certain things in my life which I see practically everyday and yet they still manage bring the memories and images into my head. For example, there is a baseball diamond which I drive past almost daily and instantly think of a certain individual. I know exactly why he comes to mind yet it still surprises me when my thoughts venture there. Other objects that bring back vivd memories include a certain street downtown, the bed I sleep in at my grandparents house and our performance center in my hometown.
There are so many memories, both good at bad, that can pop up from various things in your life. Reminiscing can cause grief or instant happiness and feeling thankful for the experiences you have had in life. The struggle is to find the difference between living in your past and purely reminiscing about the good times. I know that in a year I have changed quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean that I need to forget about all of my past experiences and memories. They all cause emotions to fill me quickly and vastly but I can enjoy them if I wish and if I do so in moderation. My memories can not control me but aid me in future choices and decisions whether drastic or tiny.
I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday yesterday, and if you decided to go shopping today that you didn’t go too crazy ;)


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