It Could Always Be Worse

Here I am sitting in my nice and warm room. I am surrounded by blankets and electronics. I am coloring. My parents are downstairs discussing the possibility of smart phones. I can hear the wind outside my window but feel no rush of cold. I was reunited with one of my best friends this afternoon. I have food on the table. I have money in my wallet. If you think of things materialistically I really do have things so good and need to be truly thankful. I know someone who lost their mom to breast cancer last night. She is only a young teenager and has an even younger sister. My mom did daycare for her when she was just a baby and we were great friends. I can not even imagine losing someone who means so much to you. Sometimes you don’t know when your last hug will be and sometimes it is expected to be soon. But either way it will be beyond difficult to have to deal with. I can not imagine growing up without my mother in my life. Even though we get on each others’ last nerves we still love each other and are lucky to still be here. Things could always be worse for me and my family. My mom and I could very well not have survived my premature birth…but we did. My dad could have lost his job during the 2009 recession…but he didn’t. My family is intact and living a healthy and happy life when we realize how much we truly do have for us. Things could be worse, but they are not. We must be grateful for what we are provided and generous in providing for others who are not quite as lucky. My heart is with the Jacobson family today as they say goodbye to a dearly loved individual.


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