I Am Honored

When I first started blogging back in March I did it solely as an outlet of my thoughts and feelings. I have always been pretty horrible at explaining myself and what was going through my head out loud so I decided that if I were going to write things out why not do it publicly and anonymously? That ended up being one of my greatest decisions recently. I am so honored to have written 82 posts and to have connected with various people around the world through my writing. The entire idea of blogging has changed for me. Yes, it is still about me having somewhere to organize my thoughts and possibly get opinions from others, but it has also become about all of you, my followers and avid readers!

I am so blessed to be able to shout with joy that today marks my milestone of reaching 1,000+ views of my blog! I never would have thought that I could come this far. I am shocked! When I started I figured I would write 10 posts and get bored with it. This blog would never help me…right? WRONG!! It has helped me so much and you all have too! I love viewing my stats and notifications and seeing that others are appreciative of and interested in my posts. I have left the thought of only ever having 100 views, maybe 2 followers total. Nope! Now I have reached 1,013 views and I know that this number will continue to grow. I have 92 followers on WordPress and a total of 290 followers amongst my Twitter and Tumblr pages as well. It is crazy and astonishing to know these statistics and it makes me feel that at the end of the day I did a good thing for more than just myself. I want to thank each and every one of you for helping me reach this point. I also want the bloggers which I follow to realize how much your writings and words mean to me. When I am down for one reason or another I go to your work to boost me up. It is helpful to know that others out there struggle just like me and I love reading of your accomplishments and setbacks to put other lives in perspective. My writing may not always be upbeat and chipper but thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through it!!

Also, a special shoutout to my girl Phoebe! We met through our similar blogs. I stumbled across yours somehow and you found mine, and you know what: we are so similar it isn’t even funny! I am always here for advice if you ever need it because I know that life is tough, but remember that there will always be good days to offset the bad. Life IS worth it…I promise! And a huge congrats on 1,000 views today as well:) Celebrate this monumental moment and everyone else give this girl a follow if you aren’t already, it would mean a lot to me: http://happygounlucky.wordpress.com/

I love all of you and can’t thank you enough!! :)


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