Guy Best Friends Are Truly the Best

“Reasons to have a guy best friend:

  • Guys don’t start rumors for no apparent reason
  • They won’t tell anyone your secrets
  • They don’t PMS and randomly act super rude
  • They don’t try to steal the guy you like
  • They aren’t two faced
  • They stick up for you no matter what
  • They’ll give you their sweatshirt when you’re cold
  • They’ll carry you when you get hurt
  • And they might even fall in love with you.”

In deciding what I felt like writing about today I came across the above quote on Twitter, and even though some of these points are up for argument in my opinion it ultimately is so very true. I absolutely love finally having certain guys in my life that I can consider friends and some even best friends. The problem with this is the hopes and dreams that come along with the friendships. With all of these individuals I have had to overcome feelings for in the past to get to where I am. Their friendships mean the world to me and I am so honored to be able to call them friends. Even though we may be hundreds of miles away at this point in our lives we still care about each other and when we talk it is as though there is no distance between us. At times I feel as though there are still butterflies that appear when I see their name light up my phone screen, or I catch myself thinking about them, but then I realize how lucky I am to even have them in my life and caring about me. Of course there is still the hope that ‘something may happen’ but sometimes you need to get over that idea and understand how truly blessed you are.

My best friend is indeed a little 3 year old boy, and do you want to know why? Because he is so young and carefree that he doesn’t judge me or my past. He doesn’t let the little things get between us because he knows for a fact that I will always be there for him. He won’t remember the time that I got upset with him for throwing his food on the floor and hold it against me as a grudge. Instead he appreciates my love for him and I appreciate his love for me. He tells me he loves me and it makes my heart melt. I obviously don’t have an interest in him cause that is just sick and wrong, but I love that I can call him my best friend and he can lay his head in my lap and exclaim to me that I am his “best buddy.” It is moments such as these which make me fall more in love with him. I know that when he gets older I will not longer have this type of connection with him because he won’t want to spend time with me but that just means that I have to cherish each moment like it were my last this year :)

Aside from him there are various other individuals who make me feel loved and cared for without them even knowing so sometimes. Two guys in particular can make me smile from different states and different countries. Both of these friendships have had our rough spots in the past but we have gotten through them to develop long lasting friendships. They are supportive and are always there for me. I miss them both drastically but am so blessed to have them in my life. I love them as friends and can’t thank them enough for the instant happiness which they provide me. <3


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