Something. Is. Off.

Do you ever get that feeling? Something just doesn’t seem quite right wherever you go. You feel that something is going to go terribly wrong but you are unsure what, when and why.
Today I have this feeling. Something just isn’t right in the air today. While nannying the 10 month old (cutest baby in the world!!) down the street, she took a two hour nap which is weird to begin with. While she was napping I kept hearing strange noises and was very scared that something was going to happen to her. I continually checked the locks on doors as well as whether or not her chest was still moving up and down. You could call it paranoia but since this isn’t usually how things are I am unsure where it came from or why it was there. It is a really scary feeling though. I just felt that someone I knew was going to get seriously injured, or in a car accident, or something would happen to my home. As of now (8:25pm) nothing has happened. Maybe it was just a fluke in my day. Maybe nothing will happen. Hopefully nothing will happen.


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