Life Situations

You know that moment when you feel as though you should feel sympathy for someone but some of the things they do just really piss you off and it makes it really challenging? Maybe that sounds like a bitchy way to be, but it is such a struggle to overcome sometimes. There are just certain people who I can relate to so well in many aspects of life, I feel bad for some of the things that they are dealing with because I have dealt with them as well, but then they’ll go and make some remark, or I will read something they post on a social networking site and I just think to myself “Really? That is how you are spending your time/dealing with your situation/worrying about right now?” It is such a hard barrier to get past and sometimes I question if it is even worth it. Should I pursue them as a friend or let them learn the hard way some of the better ways to handle situations in life. Or should I try and help them? Should I give them advice and stability through their situations and see where that leads me? It is really tricky and I am totally unsure of how to go about things at this point…

Short and sweet…those are my thoughts on this for now!


One thought on “Life Situations

  1. singlemomtakingovertheworld

    Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say to someone if they aren’t willing to actually listen to what you say they aren’t going to hear you or they will just say they understand and never take your advice the best thing you can do is just be positive about it if they listen they listen if they don’t they don’t but you can’t make someone take advice or the right road.


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