If you have a Twitter, then you know what these are. And if not an urban dictionary definition reads: “It’s the shortening of “subliminal tweet” which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them and it basically indicates that the tweet in which the hashtag is used is a subliminal tweet.” Anyone who has a twitter has directly or indirectly subtweeted an individual or a group of people. For example recently I posted something along the lines of: “you don’t seem like a sorority girl.” This could be referring to various individuals who were in Rush Week or had recently joined a sorority. In my opinion it didn’t fit their personality but it isn’t to say I was against the fact that they were wanting to join one. Subtweets can be bashes towards people or they can just be stated facts about a certain situation. And if the shoe fits, then maybe someone reading it will think it is about them. People can take these way too personally or read into them a little too far but they are just a way of life for social media users.

Recently I managed to get in a huge blown-up argument in regards to me putting down another person who I once considered a friend. (If either person in this struggle with me come across this post I just want to apologize and let you know that yes, I did go overboard the first night but after I slept on it I realized that I think you may have been reading into some “signs” which didn’t even exist. I am sorry for getting upset but I wanted to talk it out and neither of you would have it). I don’t even know the full details behind why the disagreement occurred (you would think this would be important since I was part of it…) but I have a good feeling it was because of some of my tweets over the past few months. The 2 individuals who accused me of severely putting down one of them most likely read into a lot of what has been put out on social networks. The things they thought were about the 1 person most likely were not. They just assumed. This is why subtweets and the like can be tricky. They can turn into a big ordeal which didn’t need to occur to begin with but sometimes it is the only way for one to express how they really feel. I feel bad, but I never mean them as personal stabs. I never expect people to be able to tell exactly who I am talking about so that they can then turn them against me. I generalize situations so that others may read them and be able to relate. People are going to piss off others in their lives. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody lives with embarrassment. People are going to make someone upset enough to post it online. But in my opinion if you don’t say who it is about and someone comes across it then assumptions are quickly made and feelings could easily be unintentionally hurt. That’s just my two cents


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