Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Will I ever be skinny enough?

Will I ever feel good about my body and my eating habits?

Will I ever dance to my best potential?

Will my boss ever not be upset with me about one thing or another?

Will my parents ever be truly happy with me and my decisions?

Will I ever succeed in the future?

Will I ever be loved?

Will I ever reconnect with old friends?

Will I ever treat people the way I want to be treated?

Will I ever listen to my own thoughts instead of purely being influenced by those around me?

Will I ever give back to my community?

Will I ever have money that I am willing to spend on myself and others?

Will my ankle ever fully heal?

Will I ever not be in pain emotionally, physically and mentally?

Will I ever find my significant other?

Will I ever get back to being in shape?

Will I ever not be depressed?

Will I ever share my entire story with someone else?

Will I ever overcome the obstacles which I create within myself?

Will I ever leave a positive mark on someones life?

Will I ever feel proud of who I have become?


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