Making Progress

“Dance is an hourly and daily discipline, but it is also a lifelong happiness.”

Getting back into dance after a break of almost 7 months is one of the hardest things ever, yet the easiest at the same time. Each and every class I participate in I am reminded of my passion and joy of movement yet still strive towards perfection. I realize that, yes, I am meant to dance. I am meant to be onstage under the lights. I am meant to express my love through my dancing and ignite a light in those watching. I am meant to transfer my joy through my movement to the little girls that I teach from week to week. I am meant to dance!

This isn’t to say that I am not struggling. I hurt physically, mentally and emotionally on a daily basis while easing back into things. There is pain, sweat, tears…but still I smile and just push to work my hardest day in and day out. I am striving each and every day to hear my instructors express their happiness in how far I have come but more than anything I am waiting for the day that I leave class and feel that I have made it back to where I started. I can not wait for that day to come! I know that I will have to wait and push on but when that realization comes I will be so ecstatic. It will be practically life changing.

Being injured changed a lot of my plans for my future. Did I ever expect to be sitting in my own room right now? Never. Did I think I would be working during my first year out of high school? Never. Did I think that I would be given the opportunity to teach little girls at this stage in my life? Never. But with each change comes the positives and the negatives. I am learning and growing as an individual day by day. My dancing is getting stronger and hopefully my attitude is as well. I hope that when the time for auditions rolls around I will be in a great place both emotionally and physically. I want to prove to myself that I have made it!


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