Am I Being a Diva?

My “freshman” year of college has approached even though I am taking the year off from school and am staying at home with my parents (ugh). With this comes a lot of changes around the household and it feels at times that I actually am living on my own and starting to support myself.

I think back on my life and I was very much so supported by my parents emotionally as well as financially. I had food on the table, clothes in my closet and plenty of toys to play with as a child. As the years went on I stopped asking for quite as much on a regular basis, but when I would ask for things they would be bigger and therefore more expensive: a laptop, an ipod, a phone, money for gas and pointe shoes. The smaller things in life (such as new clothes and shoes) were much less often given to me because I realized I had what I needed. My sister on the other hand continually got the smaller items and wouldn’t ask for the bigger. I therefore tended to get on edge when my parents wouldn’t grant my requests about a new dress for Christmas Eve service, but had already bought her one. But then does this make me a diva? Living off of my parents for the expensive things in life and getting flustered when my wishes weren’t granted? I know that the cost of life is HUGE, even larger than I can imagine right now. But I also know that my income is nowhere near what my parents make in a given week, month, or year. I am more than grateful for the food, the bed, the dance lessons and the doctor’s appointments that my parents are currently providing me but it is going to be quite an adjustment to start paying for my own gas, my own clothes and items such as a laptop and a phone bill. It is going to be even harder since I know that whenever my parents visit my sister she goes on shopping sprees and they pay for everything. And I know this will not occur with me since they see me every day. I feel very full of myself writing this, but it is just really hard to make these changes especially with someone who hates (and I mean HATES) spending money. Half the time when I buy something I will end up returning it because I feel it was too expensive. Half of those times it wasn’t. I just freaked out and started feeling guilty.

Here is to a year of spending money when necessary and putting money away for college whenever possible…Here goes nothing!


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