Stop Fighting YOURSELF

Dear Bee

Dear Bee,

I am so grateful for my health right now. So eternally grateful. Sometimes I wonder why I got dealt the cards I did. I could have been born anyone: a poverty-striken child in Africa, a daughter born into a life of slavery, a paraplegic, plagued with cancer, anything. Instead, I’m me. I never want to take me for granted.

I spent my entire life- up until the past few months- fighting me. I was my worst critic, a failure in my own eyes. I was constantly anxious and stressed. I felt angry and tense. I trudged through life with my eyes only focused on the future, but I wore my past on my back, and it was heavy. Little time was spent in the present. Little time was spent remembering just how to breathe. 

Last night was a rue awakening of how fleeting anything and everything can be…

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