Senior Year: Take Two

So you know how everyone tells incoming seniors to not take a single moment for granted, but to live up your final moments with your friends and family? Yea, well that is not how my senior year went. Instead of enjoying the time with my friends, I lost many of them and very rarely saw anyone. My family and I went through hard time after hard time. Fight after fight. My senior year was so different than expected and now is leading me to staying in town at home for another year. This seems like the best decision at times and the absolute worst at others…

We move my sister back into college tomorrow which means that tomorrow begins my time at home with just my parents once again. I survived last year since I went straight from school to dance, I would come home for dinner, head back to dance and then come home straight to my room to do homework into the wee hours of the night. I rarely came in contact with my parents it seemed. On top of this I had rehearsals for dance productions for most of the day on the weekends and if I wasn’t at dance I would be up in my room doing homework. In the fall things were shaky, but they weren’t unbearable. Come winter and spring when I wouldn’t go to dance was  when things started getting worse and worse as I was home a lot more. This is what this year will be like since I am not taking any school classes so will be home most of the morning. Thankfully I have a few jobs so can focus my time on that but I am still really nervous for what this year will bring.

I have absolutely NO wishes to relive my senior year. I hated senior year with a passion and now I am pretty much in the same situation again. I once again have to apply to colleges and await the dreaded weeks for acceptance/rejection letters to arrive. I have to plan auditions for the dance programs. I have to fork up tons of money to do all of this, plus attend auditions and plan for my future. I am already stressed and the year hasn’t even begun yet. There are times when I really regret choosing to stay home instead of just heading off to college this fall. This year will be an adventure to say the least, but hopefully with a better ending than the first time around.


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