Young and Beautiful

“Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?”

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about society, appearance and expectations. It thoroughly amazes me how much time girls (particularly) put into how they look, instead of how they feel, each and every day. I used to think that to fit in with society’s expectations of a teenage girl I needed to wear brand name clothing, makeup and my hair better look spot on every day. But truthfully instead of portraying a “beautiful image” girls just need to feel beautiful in their own skin. Why not wear what is cute and comfy instead of unaffordable and skimpy? Why not go all natural with your hair and lack of makeup instead of caking on layers and layers of a fake appearance and spending hours making your hair look absolutely perfect? Sometimes it is necessary. Instead of becoming beautiful try to feel beautiful. Be the person God created you to be instead of just conforming to the ins of society. Why be what everyone else looks like when you were created to be your own person in this world? Just because you do not wear makeup does NOT make you not beautiful. If you get your clothes all from “cheap” stores, who cares! Make them work for you instead of making them work for society.

Right now the crazes are crop tops, high waisted everything and chopping off your hair. But why? Why would you cut your hair just because your friends did? Did you like your hair the way it was? Then keep it that way! Be your own person! Follow what makes you happy! Do you feel uncomfortable showing that much of your stomach in a crop top? Yes..? Then DON’T BUY THEM!! It is as simple as that. Instead wear something that you yourself are comfortable in.

Most people my age are heading off to college next year and are realizing that once they get there they can be whomever they want to be. They can be themselves finally instead of being ‘stuck’ in the image of the person they had created themselves as in high school. It is a chance to start new. But instead of making drastic changes to your appearance to fit in with your new friends I challenge you to find yourself first. Figure out what makes you happy and who you want to be as an individual before worrying about how you will look to the hot guy who sits across from you in your Calculus class. Make the next four years count in terms of experience not appearance. When you think back on your time in college you will remember the people you met and the things you did. I promise you that you will NOT remember what brand of makeup you were wearing on October 21st, 2015, or which cardigan and pair of shoes you had on. Instead you may meet the love of your life. Or begin your new internship with the top company in your surrounding area. These are the things that impact your life in some way and are what you should spend time making decisions about to better your future. Tomorrow: put down the mascara, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful.” It is as simple as those 3 words, but something that people very rarely tell themselves until they have created their appearance to fit the expectations of society.


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