It Hits and It Stays

Does anyone else get that moment? When all of a sudden your entire inner light is put out. A feeling takes over your entire body and just makes you feel like complete shit. You realize everything that you are lacking in life and nothing seems to make you feel much better. You get the sense of loneliness. No one is there and no one wants to be there. You realize everyone who has left your life. Everyone you have stopped talking to. Everyone you have stopped relating to. Everyone who is now just a memory. You realize how awful your body looks. How each centimeter of excess skin is unnecessary. How each roll of fat is disgusting. How every bit of lost muscle is pathetic. How your fat thighs flatten out 10 times as large as they need to. How your ankles aren’t looking as skinny as they used to. How your hips are far too large for your otherwise petite frame (height-wise). You realize how out of place you feel in this world. This world is meant for better people than you are. This world supports those who have life goals and desires and are ready to pursue them. The life around you begins caving in. One second ago you were happy and enjoying your night…The next you feel awful about every aspect of yourself and the life you’re living. You are unable to see what the future ahead of you is going to hold. You do not know if you will stay in contact with anyone who is heading off to college. You are lost and alone with no one to talk to. You want to talk to someone but it just so happens that nights like these are the exact ones where people do not want to talk to you.

If anyone out there does want to talk about anything (not about me and my problems. I swear) feel free: 398-4097. Thanks.


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