It’s The Little Things

Happy 4th of July readers:) I really hope that everyone had a splendid day and was able to enjoy some time with family and friends in celebration of our country’s independence!

I know that for me today was a great day. I realized some of the positive aspects of my life and really was happy to be alive. This morning I woke up to a text from one of my closest friends and she told me that this blog changed her night from a bad one to a good one! This blows my mind. When I started blogging I did it mostly for me, but there was an inkling in me which was hoping that someday I could do something to benefit someone else’s life. This day has finally come! I am so proud to know that what I have written has helped someone. Has changed their situation and affected them positively in some way. I love helping people anyway I can and even somewhat anonymously it means the world to me to know.

It is the little things which can turn a bad day into a good one; a frown into a smile. Knowing that someone has been moved by my writing is amazing and really set the stage for a wonderful day. I slept in! I woke up to the sun shining! I got to spend a majority of my day outside, soaking up the sun, reading Harry Potter and listening to some kick ass music! There was no fighting with my parents. There were no arguments. My family had a fun day. We enjoyed each others company. We talked. We laughed. And we had a really good time!!

Tonight I had been invited to go to the fireworks with a group of people, but man I am SO happy that I decided to spend the night instead with my family. My family has the place to watch the fireworks. They are right overhead and perfect! My dad and I threw a frisbee around before the show started and laughed and enjoyed our selves. My sister, dad and I walked around the park and actually “played” at the park for a bit reliving some of the memories we had from our childhood. It was splendid! The fireworks weren’t all that impressive this year compared to years past, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them and the view was superb. I layed out on my blanket and just took in the colors and the noise. There was pure joy from everyone in the park and it was just all around a fantastic day :) I hope that everyone else was able to enjoy this holiday as much as I could. I didn’t use the celebration as an excuse to pull out a can of beer and get drunk as could be. I didn’t need to be surrounded with 20 people who I could somewhat care less about being around. I didn’t want to be around people who didn’t truly want me around. Instead I enjoyed the time with the people who are closest to my heart and just enjoyed the company that was around me.


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