Letter From God

Tonight I decided that I was so exhausted that I would get to bed early. I had to wake up early for a physical therapy appointment this morning, came home and napped before work and then ended up falling asleep during a movie with my fam. I got in bed around 9:30, yet I am still up now (12:30am).

I think that now I am so exhausted that I can’t sleep. There’s too much going on throughout my mind and I can’t relax now.

I decided to go on YouTube and look up different videos and came across this one. It is really amazing and really worth the time to watch.

I have never been huge into my faith and try as hard as I can sometimes, but then it passes and I forget again. It’s a really bad cycle to be in. God is the ONE person who is ALWAYS there to listen. No. Matter. What. So why don’t I put my trust in him? Why don’t I go and talk to him when things get rough instead of just sulking alone in my room? He will always listen and always care. I can have conversations with him at anytime and any place. So I really need to start thinking of that instead of feeling lost and alone. I am never alone. God is always there.

This video was a wake up call! I hope some others appreciate it as much as I do :) Have a good night!


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