So Thankful

This post is dedicated fully to the person who is keeping me going right now. She is a girl who I haven’t known long…at all. But she gets me. I get her. I would never have thought a few months ago that she would be the one who was here for me. NEVER.

I have known her all throughout high school but no one is the person that they look like on the outside. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a phrase commonly referred to and I totally understand it now. She never looked like the kind of girl who I would hang out with and become good friends with, not in a bad way, but we just seemed very different. These days I am learning the total opposite. We share a lot of the same thoughts and feelings towards certain aspects of life. I have absolutely loved getting to know her over the past few months and can see this friendship lasting for years to come*. This girl has asked me to hang out. She wants to see me and enjoy this summer with me. I continue to see posts on social networks of teens with their group of friends all hanging out and having a great time. So far the only person I have actually hung out with is her. No one else wants me around in this state of being. She listens to me and gives me some of the best advice. I know that I can go to her if I need to (I actually did Thursday night when things were really rough. She wanted me to come to where her and her boyfriend were so that I wasn’t alone. She wanted to hear what was going on, which usually I do not express through words to anyone, but I felt comfortable enough to do so. I knew she was there for me and genuinely wanted to listen.) and I am there for her as well. So far this journey has provided me a lot of low points but she is definitely one of the highs. I am SO thankful that she reached out to me back in February through Twitter of all things. She cares. She listens. She isn’t scared of what has happened. She wants to be around me. She is the best thing that could have happened right now and I am so happy with her in my life :) I may not be here if it weren’t for her reaching out and becoming the friend that I had lost in everyone else around me.

Lots of love sent your way if you’re reading this post! (And you know who you are!)

*Most of the friendships that I have made in this journey have been brief. The person tells me that they are “there” for me and within a few weeks (maybe a few months in some cases) they are gone from my life. We no longer talk and no longer share our experiences with one another.


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