It is summer. It is almost graduation. People will be leaving for college and their future lives in a few months. Me though, I’ll stay here in my sweet home town. Grrrrreat…

Graduation rehearsal is tomorrow, graduation is Saturday and my grad party is on Sunday. I am so nervous that no one will show up to my party. Am I actually liked by anyone from my school? Do people want to come and celebrate with me? I am soo scared and don’t really know what to do if no one shows up. I went to a few slower parties this last weekend and I don’t want mine to turn into that, but sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. My “friends” from school all went out to the mall (where I ran into them) yesterday without inviting me. They’re supposedly my friends so why do I think that people who barely consider me a friend will take time out of their busy schedules to show up to spend time with me either? I will for sure post after the party and let people know how it goes if anyone on here even cares. I LOVE my followers but feel that I’ve been pretty boring recently so I understand if not!

I am also beyond scared of dancing again. (See "Second Thoughts" post for more on this). I finally met with my dance teacher the other night and thankfully that helped me feel a bit better, but we will see where this takes me. Please wish me luck for the near future. Thanks!

I am StrongTilTheEnd and you are too <3

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