The End

It is official, I have survived 13 years of free education! Today was my last day of high school. I don’t have any finals so just have graduation this weekend. It is crazy to think about after everything that has happened over the years. This past year was really rough but I know that I overcame a bunch of personal obstacles along the way. I found out who is truly there for me and the fact that old friends may not always be the best of friends. Self growth is the best thing that a person can develop and I truly should be proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I also am graduating with a 4.0 gpa, an honors diploma and an NHS medal. And I have received the top scholarship at my first choice college which is something I never thought I would have accomplished based on everything else I was spending my time worrying about. My years to come will also be filled with plenty of stress and surprise and I can not wait to see where this life takes me.

Sometimes though it is the little things that one must take the time to appreciate. Such as the fact that this weekend I ended up attending 11 grad parties solo where I was unsure if I would know anyone there besides the graduate despite the rising levels of anxiety inside of me from one stop to the next. I am especially proud because I attended one guy’s who I debated about going to for a good 3 weeks. He and I were very good friends last year around this time and through last summer but then over winter break we had a huge misunderstood fight. On top of this he had a girlfriend the entire time. We finally made up around spring break and are kind of friends again. I knew that no matter what decision I made I would feel awkward or regret. I eventually saw it as utmost important that I made an appearance and congratulated him. Break the barrier so to speak. And surprisingly my interaction with him was awkward but alright in the end. We had a very awkward hug (not because we were hugging but because I didn’t expect him to hug me, but just give me a handshake, so when he pulled me in for a hug I was very surprised) that was really nice in the end cause he’s so tall and I’m so small. He also presented an amazing, genuine smile as soon as he saw me. This is such good progress for he and I and if you can’t tell by this post I am ecstatic thinking back on it. He is such a great guy and was one of the best people in my life in early fall when everything was changing and I was unsure of how to react to anything. He became my support system despite the fact that he had a girlfriend. He saw that I needed someone and offered to be that person and coincidentally I don’t really think he knew he was becoming that person in my life. I don’t think he realized what in impact he had. He is so wonderful and I really hope to stay in touch. Besides the awkward hug though I saw his girlfriend downstairs later on in the party and she basically glared at me. I could easily be reading into it though cause I am unsure if he has even told her about what happened between he and I, but since I am assuming he did tell her, she isn’t too fond of me and what her boyfriend and my relationship had been in the past. But ya know what? Whatever! I still have a friend and she still has a boyfriend so all is right in this world!

I hope that in the future I will remember to cherish the little things such as what occurred last night. The little things become the big things in the long run since those are what you remember the most details about (at least in my opinion). Bigger and better things are waiting for me in the future and I can not wait to see what is in store :)


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