Senior Prom 2013

So tonight’s the night. The night that almost every girl has been looking forward to since freshman year. It is senior prom. All of these girls are prepping right now to look like princesses tonight for a few hours to dance the night away. Truthfully in my opinion prom is a big hype about not much. It is a lot of money spent on something that yes, you will remember, but it isn’t a life defining moment. Hence the reason that I decided not to go. Save money and save the drama from entering my life. But now I am almost regretting that decision. It is almost 2 pm and I do not have any plans tonight. I have talked with a bunch of people but no one is free, or they just haven’t responded. I really am dreading spending the entire night alone. What a night to remember, huh? One of my friends even blew me off to spend the night with her boyfriend. Gee, thanks, I see where I rank in your life. She told me last night that she was free tonight and then about an hour ago she told me she was getting together with her boyfriend at 8:30, I didn’t really know how to respond so I left it at that. So here is to a night of my lifetime that I will never forget! A night spent crying about being lonely and probably having no interaction with anyone but my music. Great! Can’t wait!


One thought on “Senior Prom 2013

  1. placesivegonepeopleivemet

    Your negativity towards Prom brought this upon you. In a way you got what you wanted- not going to prom. Do you have a younger sibling who could take you a year or two? Think positive! Go see a movie! Pamper yourself! Buy some ice cream and a new pair of shoes! Volunteer somewhere.. it’s a lot more fulfilling than sitting by yourself at home. I do that too often myself!


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