Positive Outlook

So I know all of my blog posts are pretty sad, focus on loneliness and my depression. But I’m going to change it up today with a list of the good things in my life at the present moment!

  • Today was a beautiful day! (It is 68 degrees out right now and to think last Thursday we had a snow day!)
  • I am trying a new type of therapy on my ankle on Friday which will hopefully fix some of my tendonitis issues
  • My parents and I are getting along
  • I have planned a grad party and am actually looking forward to it :)
  • My sister is excited to see me when she gets home       (and as an added bonus I will have free availability of all of her clothes all summer!)
  • On Friday there is a dance performance which I get a free ticket to go see!! And I get to dress up and look nice which is always a good way to brighten your day.
  • A guy who I have crushed on for way too long and I are becoming friends once again after a rough patch a few months ago
  • The snow is melting
  • I am 2/3 of the way completed with my AP tests
  • I know so many strong and helpful individuals in my life who are struggling with so much yet still in control of their own lives
  • My grades are still high despite my lack of motivation
  • And finally a huge shoutout to my Blog followers/readers! All of your support means the world to me just knowing some people care. I absolutely love seeing the number of views on my blog increase from day to day. Without you this wouldn’t still be a work in progress :)

Although every situation may not be good, there is good in every situation. I need a more positive outlook on life and honestly good things have to be just around the corner. It is almost summer. School is almost out. I am almost “free” from my parents grip on me!! Love you all <3


One thought on “Positive Outlook

  1. thelonelyguy30

    Go to the dance, look nice and walk in slowly, look over your shoulder every now and then (just to look cute), play with your hair and laugh loud, your going to have a great time :)


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