I Just Need Someone. Anyone.

There are times in your life where a best friend is exactly what you need. Right now I am in one of those times and feeling even more lost and alone than usual. I need a friend. I need a support system. Someone who understands me and I am comfortable crying around and talking to. But, nope, I have no one. I interact with no one. No one knows how broken I am and how in need I am of having someone to give me a hug and tell me that everything’s going to be okay. Today I texted my mom and my sister. That’s it. I just don’t know what to say to people and can’t keep conversations going so am isolating myself even more. I sound desperate but I truly want someone to reach out to me. Someone to hug me and someone who cares. Everyone who claimed they cared and were always here for me are the exact people I don’t interact with anymore. The exact people who left my life for their stable friends. If I didn’t have therapy on Friday I couldn’t imagine what I would be doing right now as I sit in my room alone. But I can’t let her know. I hate therapy and have no intentions of letting her into my life. She will not know about the scars on my wrist. I am making sure that they are masked as much as possible so they don’t come up in conversation. (Unless my mom already told her because I know that she had been planning on calling her (ugh) and ‘discussing some stuff about me with her.’ I honestly wish that she wouldn’t get involved because no matter what I will stay silent in that session.) I am a silent person. The only way I can discuss anything is to write it out, but my parents don’t really understand that part of me. They don’t really understand any part of me. No one understands me, not even myself…


9 thoughts on “I Just Need Someone. Anyone.

  1. waynemichaelsroyce

    i have been touched by this. because i have been at the same place you are. i dont want to offer you any advice but i can listen to you. i know this is strange since i am a complete stranger but i think i understand your kind of pain. i dont think we are in the same country because im in Kenya but if we were i wud come and give you a hug :) anyway, if u want me to be someone you can talk to you can give me your twitter/facebook name and i promise i will listen.

  2. alanapappas

    i am going through a similar situation. I feel like i have absolutely no one… always a second option and all I want is someone to care how i am, and know when i’m not okay and make me feel better! i hope you get through it


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