I am so tired of the term ‘depression’ being thrown around so loosely these days. In my opinion you can be depressed without having depression.

I have been doing a good amount of thinking on this idea over the past week. I feel as though on a daily basis I hear of someone new who I know who has depression. But they don’t. This is completely undiagnosed. They have an extreme sadness and someone claims ‘depression’ so they latch onto the idea and run with it. I believe that everyone goes through points in their life where they will be depressed. Something horrible happens or their life is completely changed in some way and the only way for them to cope at first is to just try and push away the true feelings and instead develop an aura of immense sadness. Everyone has this and everyone deals with it in different ways. Depression on the other hand is when this feeling does not subside. It is as though this state has taken over your entire body, mind and soul. There is no shaking it off or just ‘coming to your senses.’ It will take weeks, months, years of treatment to return to a so called ‘normal’ state of being. I just wish people could understand this. Depression is not a term to joke around with. Depression is so hard to define therefore there is a very vague description in everyones mind about what it truly is. I just wish that self and friend diagnoses would cease to exist. I hate to hear the term be thrown around by various people from time to time when they have no clue what they are referring to. No one can understand depression until they themselves are depressed. Just because you know someone who has depression does not mean that you can go up to a friend and determine that they do as well since they may have some of the ‘signs’ of the other person they know. That’s just my two cents on this issue.


2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Gary Leigh

    There is certainly short term depression, and yes, it’s not the same thing. However, the ones who have it long term, and reoccurring, and are powerless to prevent it, that’s a number that is certainly pretty big.

    1. strongtiltheend Post author

      I, in no means disagree with that. I am mostly referring to the teenage/young adult population. It just seems that so many teens use the word without putting much thought to their situation vs. others.


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