Growing Up Is A Lifelong Process

I may only be 17, but I have dealt with more than I ever thought I would have by this time in my life. Life throws challenges at you, but it is how you deal with these challenges that make you the person you truly are.

When I think back to when I was 10 and was looking onward in my life, I would never have expected myself to be in the place that I am today. I feel as though my world is crashing down around me, not lifting me up to dive into a new adventure that I had never second guessed. College. I never once thought that college wouldn’t be my first priority and option at this stage in my life. I knew that this was the expectation and I would make it a reality. But instead of this being the case I have had mud thrown at me, knocking me down time and time again. I have no idea where I am anymore in life, and it sure isn’t the daisies and butterflies that I was used to. I had a good life. I knew where I was going. I knew what I was doing. I had friends. I had support. And most importantly, I had a strong will to succeed and make the people around me proud. Now, most of that is gone. I have lost everything that I had once had and now am lost in a world that doesn’t care. I’ve always known that life wouldn’t be easy, but I never thought that I would come to this stage in my life where it was this hard.

Life is surely a learning process. Every stage teaches me something new. Every situation instills morals and ideas of how to behave, and what is accepted by society. I am always learning and I am always growing. I need to see this period in my life as a time for growth, not a time for destruction and despair.

“It’s true that pain makes people change”

-I am StrongTilTheEnd and you are too <3


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